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We are experts in recruiting the right respondents and so whether your project consists of a product placement, focus groups, in depth interviews, shop alongs, car clinics, user test or a hall test you can be sure that we will have sourced high quality, engaged participants every time.


For the past 15 years we have been providing moderation services to many client companies. Whether your interviews or groups are held at The Conservatory Studios or not, on the phone, online, in field, we have a pool of 12, trained, qualitative moderators who can interview pretty much on any topic.


Sessions are transcribed verbatim from the sound files. This gives a completely comprehensive written version of the interview providing full information for your own team to analyse. The transcripts are usually presented in Word,  or in Excel in a supplied template or our own.

Content analyses

Full summary of responses to every question in the guide identified by respondent where appropriate. Also includes pertinent verbatim quotes and, if required, a brief summary of findings per section. Usually carried out in a Word document and can utilise in-house or client templates.

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