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Situated on the first floor, Highfield Wing offers a boutique chic environment for your research

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the client area is divided into two distinct spaces, one dedicated to work with a mirror length bench and poseur tables

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the other is a separate enclosed quiet space with a fully stocked minibar and coffee machine

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the wing features all the latest technology , including HD cameras, a Pan Tilt Camera that can be controlled from the viewing room, in house web-streaming, FocusVision, etc…

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the large interviewing room is equipped with an electronically adjustable table

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allowing for various set ups, from informal coffee table, full height work bench...

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...through to full executive set up

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Highfield wing also benefits from an optional room which can be digitally linked to either the main viewing or interviewing room

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ideal for those projects which require respondents to be split or for overlapping interviews

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Client room.png

Client room

Large enough to sit up to 8 clients in comfort


Secured internet

Fast, secure, wired internet access


Web streaming

In-house web streaming



Fast, secure, wireless internet access

interviewing room.png

Respondent room

Large enough for up to 12 respondents

AV link up.png

AV Link up

To either the main viewing room or interviewing room


PTZ camera

Allows panning, tilting, zooming, from the Client room in real time

extra meeting room.png

Extra meeting room

To break out your groups, overlapping interviews or as a meeting room

flexible layout.png

Flexible layout

Formal or informal, will adapt to your research requirements

display wall.png

Display wall

Allows moderator to pin, write, use magnets to display stimuli

AV recordings.png


High quality audio and video digital recordings



Fully stocked with a large range of beverages and snacks

3room suite.png

3-room suite

Private wing with interviewing, viewing and relaxation rooms


Web streaming

By FocusVision


Natural Daylight

In both the viewing room and Interviewing room



From quick snack to fine dining delivered directly to you

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